College thus far

Well, I can actually claim to be in a college class at the moment, which bolsters me above the surroundings I hail from. Here’s looking at you Eastpointe. It’s enjoyable. I also have come to realize that the first assignment I did in class last week was in fact done wrong to quite a few measures. It means I started the semister off right in my books. That b eing said, I am left to ponder what I will do for this class in general. With it all coming together in the end as a portfolio, I have to decide what I shall write about. Easy, right? I will most likely rule out poetry. Necver been gifted in that regard. Although I coukld pump out haikus would be something I could do just to annoy the teacher. Not a wise idea. I do want to toy with the idea of a new fangled “emotobook”, or just a pumped up fan fiction really. Google the term if you haven’t heard of it. Not my job to educate you. My blog must feel neglected, having little action in months. Then again, no one reads it, so it all works out. The idea of running off with a roving band of gypsys still sounds like a solid way to ruin my life. But damn it all if it isn’t my life to ruin! On a side note, I’m still unsure what I want to actually do now; I have renounced my culinary career aspects as to date. Now that shouldn’t be a shocker. After working 50 some odd hour weeks for the past 4 or 5 months, it becomes a little wearing. I need some great idea. I still open to the idea of making an incredable website or some stellar band, making a fortune. Need to investigate the idea more. But for now I’ll stop complaining and do college stuff. Well, Macomb College stuff. So someone pass the weed and inevitable failure at a 4 year university.

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