Personal journal time

I have not been up to blogging lately, and I kinda feel, umm, bad about it? Exactly, bad. How strange it is that I feel like I’ve become even lazier than usual. And this laziness is actually reflected in my physical apperance; I’ve grown unhappy with my body lately. I feel like I’ve put on some weight or something. I love being raised by a single mother, as it affords me the great luxery of having “female body vision”. I might have to coin that term. It means simply that whenever I look in a mirror, I’m unhappy about what I see. It’s pretty cash if I do say so myself. So, not on;y do I need to actually utilize this blog more, but I need to stop being such a couch potato. Well, more accurately a bed potato, as I hang out on my bed. Not to mention the asinine amount of sleep I seem to require on a daily basis. I mean seriously, either I’m sleeping so much because I’m not active, or I’m part pokemon, Abra to be percise. Kids, google the original pokemon and look up Abra. That dude sleeps all the time, which rocks.

Next item: Facial hair. So, I shaved it off and regained my beautiful androgynous 12 year old fat kid look. And that encouraged my significant other, who shall go nameless seeing how much she hates to be wrapped up in the “girlfriend/boyfriend thing”, to mock me and say I need to grow it back. So here I am, mostly bearded again, and I have to say that growing a beard really hurts when it’s first emerging. I don;t know if anyone else gets super irritated skin when growing, or rather attempting to grow a beard. i say attempting because I do not believe I know anyone else that grows a really admirable beard. I have to say, it hurts a lot. But I think the best prescription for that is a case of “man the fuck up”; it’s easy to be a bitch these days.

And while I write this I watch television. I bring this up to inform you of something you might not have been aware of: Any show that hails from Japan is ultimately doomed to be bastardized by the American translations. Yes, I am talking about Anime. And yes, I know it’s awful, so don’t remind me. But still, go and watch any anime show in it’s original Japanese form with subtitles and then watch it voiced dubbed for Americans. It’s a completely different show. But it’s still a steaming pile of crap.

However, if Pokemon looked like this, we would have never stopped watching it

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