Delayed and Frayed

Hello again. My apologizes about the lack of blog action yesterday. I was slightly out of it yesterday; I fell asleep at like 8. No, I didn’t go to sleep. One moment I was sitting on my bed, the next I was waking up today. Neat-o. So anyway, I don’t have a solid topic for today; rather I want to talk about random little things that I imagine or do that I feel are singling me out as a weirdo. Now hold your mixed reactions here folks (Haha, folks. Who says that anymore. I honestly do. I feel antiquated because of it.) Well, I guess that’s the start right there. I like to use large words and outdated words. Honestly, I get a verbal hard on when I watch programs or read anything that uses an older dialect. Like Downtown Abbey, a mini series on Public Television that was simply irresistible. I end up becoming overly wordy and alter my dialect to sort of match theirs. Take for example the movie True Grit. I was texting at some point in the movie, because I’m a naughty boy. My associate or whomever I was texting asked “What’s with the Shakespearian shit.” I laughed and realized that I rather enjoy older forms of English. I feel like we speak some overly bastardized form of pig Latin.  However, this doesn’t prevent my next oddity that is uncontrollable and often random. Let’s say the word “ham” come up. You wanna know something? In my head, whenever someone says “ham”, I yell out (mentally of course, so as to avoid looking like a loon) “I be goin’ ham, shorty upgrade from bologna!” Yes, that’s right, I think in rap lyrics. I know Bryan Kress also has this problem.

Curse you Kanye.

Now I can’t hear the words “18 years”

Well, as you must know by now, the title is really accurate today. I’m going to keep this particular post short and lively, seeing how I’m not super comedic tonight. I’m going to see what else I can do to keep it alive, the post it is.

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