Television is the epitome of gathered ignorance

Don’t trust my title? Good, that shows character. Just for a moment, I want you to think about how much tv you watch in a day, or a week. Now, I’m not telling you to be ashamed by the sheer volume of time being wasted in your fleetingly short life; rather I’m implying it. Not the point though. Now, out of all that time, how much of it was something of quality? To help you figure this out, I’ve constructed a formula, but rather than show off my nerdy genius, I will use a word problem. We all know people skip formulas in math books.


What a crock of shit ^


If you could get back all the time in the past week that you spent watching television, but sacrificed the knowledge gained, would you come out ahead? Feel that crushing feeling? That’s you realizing that you’re literally just breathing and wasting oxygen that other people could better use.

You Asshole


But I digress. Wait, no I don’t. I reached a point of true fury when a commercial came on that had an elderly lady say “I didn’t know arthritis affected my joints.” I mean come now, does anyone else notice the big elephant in the room? He’s not pink because that’s profiling. You’re better than that people. Seriously, what’s next? Will it be shocking that Alzheimer’s affects your memory? Well, if you’re the person with it I suppose that could be news. Daily news at that. 😀

You’re Welcome

Here’s my point: Go out and learn something. Or at least pretend to surf channels on tv that supply you with info. We all need some brain food, including zombies. Bet ya’ didn’t think I’d sneak the undead in here, now did ya’? And that’s what the necrophiliac said. Goodnight

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One Response to Television is the epitome of gathered ignorance

  1. jeagerman says:

    Look I started actually following your blog ya Guido.

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