Music to watch for, as said by Me

Alrighty my snobby friends, here’s my first thought of the day: we need better music. All of us do. I mean really, how long can we just switch on the radio and pretend that we aren’t disgusted in some way by the fact that Rhianna’s music from last year is still blaring out of our speakers. Oh that was cool. My spell checker knows who Rhianna is. That right there makes me a tad disgruntled. Really, c’mon, and are you serious shall follow. So, this blog is going to help expand your musical horizons. Hopefully you find something to your liking, or hopefully you make a quick fortune and pay me off to write about your choice of bands. Now I have to admit that I still had and maybe ever have some musical limitations; breaking out of years of close minded musical tastes is difficult. So here goes nothing.

I’m going to start off where I have little experience. And that would be the Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B world. So I know that there’s quite a bit of glorifies musicians that can spew out a sick lyric or some dope beats. Haha, dope beats shows that I’m not from the old school; I am from the school that was torn down to build the old school. Now aggression has its place in music, but it doesn’t have to be tainted with stupidity or hate. So in the spirit of old school beats and aggressive street beats, I’m recommending Cunninlynguists. I know, sweet name, right? But before you all piss your pampers, go look them up. Here, I’ll do part of the leg work. or . Both songs are musical, yet conjure the spirit of soul and meaning. Tracks laced with real world experience, rather than a luxurious melody cluster fuck that is, oh, say Jay Z or something. Yeah, hate on me if you want. But that’s how I feel. Take note, music is all feeling. So, if I can’t connect with the ultra rich and their message, but you can, then what are you doing here? Hire a hit man and have me offed. Not really, because that isn’t cool man.


Next, I’m jumping from the streets into the orchestra. That’s right, I’m talking about the loud power of a full on band making goosebumps all over your sexy body (Enjoy the delusional compliment, unless you really are sexy) So, what booming band will I suggest? Why, none other than ES Posthumus. Yes I know they did a song with Jay Z, but fuck him. I’m talking about some music with no lyrics, but with a majesty all becoming of an epic conquest to the nth degree. Pretty rad if you want my opinion, but I bet you do. Here you go, links. or or even . If you feel the urge to hug me, then go murder an ancient Leviathan, than you are still sane and my new friend.

And to round out the picks for today, I’m going with a group that I personally adore more than most other bands. Props to Bryan for them. I’m going The Mars Volta with this one, as the best rock/kick your ear drums in the ball band around. They’re theatrical, loud, poetic and pretty awesome to watch live (Just youtube them for a live show) Well, let’s summarize their music real quick. When Bryan and I sat down the listen to them, we started on their CD Frances the Mute. The opening song actually blew my mind like a thousand hookers made out of chocolate and music notes. Here’s the face we both made:

It looked something like this

I loved it and them. Links of course, so you can understand our beautiful ear suffering. Now yo will need some time to sit down and listen to them, seeing how they have quite a few songs pushing 10 minutes and above. But I know from personal experience it’s worth the time. Go out from there and enjoy their work. I mean come on, they look like this.

Serious music orgy kickass men

Alright, tell me what you think about the bands. Leave me comments on the facebook page or here, either works. Also, if you know any bands that you think should be heard, drop me a line. I love to whore out my keyboard to my friends. Toodles

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