LCD Soundsystem: Dance Music for White Hipsters

By: Bryan Kress


This isn’t another stupid story I wrote, it isn’t about a band I created and then talked about on a blog (but you thought that, didn’t you!?). LCD Soundsystem is a band that two years ago you might not have heard of before, in fact neither did I. You might have heard of them now because of the success of their latest and final (unfortunately) album This Is Happening. Immediately after hearing the opening track Dance Yrself Clean off the latest album I bought all three of their records within a span of a month. Now if you’ve never heard of LCD Soundsystem or maybe you have (good job), read along on my musical/textual journey and learn, love, and grow.

James Murphy, the singer/producer/creative genius of LCD Soundsystem, looks like a middle-aged dad who hasn’t realized he is a middle-aged dad. But shit can he make music.

cool dad

LCD Soundsystem’s first, self-titled, album is so good you’ll shit your brains through your mouth. It’s a double-disc album, the first being brand new songs and the second is a collection of released singles. The first song Daft Punk Is Playing at My House, is an homage to the band Daft Punk and his probable fantasy of Daft Punk playing at his house. The song sets the mood for every LCD Soundsystem album to come. It’s a little funk and a tad punk (pfunk) and puts you in a good-ass mood. Movement the 4th track is like if the MC5 had a synth, it’s an unapologetic mosh song that is driven by the drums of Pat Mahoney. Disco Infiltrator has a great dance beat that I wish was my theme song when I enter a room, especially when the song begins with the line “But all i know, is all i know is the disco infiltrator fo sho”. The second disc starts with James Murphy poking fun at himself and hipster culture with Losing My Edge, “I heard you have a compilation of every good song ever done by anybody”.

LCD Soundsystem’s second album, Sound of Silver, is so good you’ll shit your brain through your mouth. The 3rdtrack North American Scum is a tongue in cheek shout out to ethnocentric North Americans with lines like “we are north americans and for those of you who still think we’re from England we’re not, no.” Someone Great is a synth driven song that shows James Murphy’s techno-y side. Us v Them, is a pfunky little 8.5 minute jam that will make you repeat the line “Us and them over and over again” over and over again, after the song has finished. Then there’s All Of My Friends which is possibly my favorite song ever, ever. It’s song that has Murphy doing his best David Bowie and Pat Mahoney’s drum beat is something to write about (which I am!). This song makes you move in ways you might never have, it makes me forget the world for 8 minutes and transports me to a dance club where only cool people and good music gather.

LCD Soundsystem’s final album, This Is Happening, is pretty good. But seriously it’s so good you’ll shit your brain through your mouth. It start with the song Dance Yrself Clean, which starts with a 3 minute intro with a quiet Murphy singing over a Sympathy For The Devil-ish drumbeat and then, hopefully you didn’t turn up the volume, the synth kicks in like Liam Neeson in Taken, hard and with a vengeance. Mahoney’s drums have that steady, cool rhythm you should have gotten use to by now. Murphy’s amazing vocals take a backseat to the main force of the song, again the synth as for the next 6 minutes you can imagine the song playing as you enter an underground night club in slow motion. The next song Drunk Girls, is a song you might have heard in the trailer for the new movie Cedar Rapids. Drunk Girls is a pfunk attack that will have you clapping along as the band yells “DRUNK GIRLS!” and Murphy sings about “waking up together” and uses his wit on lines like “Just ‘cause you’re hungry doesn’t mean that you’re lean”.  I Can Change is a slow synth jam with a steady drum beat which backs up the focus of the song, Murphy, whose vocals and lyrics have never been better. He sings about not changing because that’s why he fell in love, but then states he can change if it helps you fall in love with him.

All together every album is something to behold. Unfortunately Murphy stated that This Is Happening will be their last album. If the phrase Dance Music for White Hipsters throws you off, it’s okay I was being sarcastic, sorta. White Hipsters are their main draw which I hope will change because LCD Soundsystem is one of the best bands I ever heard. I never even thought I liked dance music until I heard them, if you’re someone who doesn’t like techno, like me (unlike Marco) because it is emotionless, don’t worry because every song has enough soul to revive Marvin Gaye (if the technology existed). And I guarantee you will get the urge to dance after listening to one song. So give LCD Soundsystem a listen because then you can be cool like me.

-Bryan Kress



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